We vibe you high

We pioneer the mastery of energy healing in skincare. Max and I love to introduce our Collection as a vibrational tool to your hands that has the power to elevate your frequency to let you heal, grow and shine. An unimaginable energetic flow. A field of infinite possibility. Opens up. To you.

Ride the wave of this fine and elevated energy. Each and every piece of the line breathes life into you, creating clarity and outbursts of joy and creativity. You feel lighter, radiant, awake. Aligned with the smooth flow of love, wisdom and knowing. In the tiniest ways. This is a place of birthing into more wholeness. Our Collection is one of the most powerful tools to lift your vibration and help you manifest the things you want in life. This is to the fullness, the luminance, the most beautiful expression of you.

We all need a sacred place we can go to and recalibrate, heal and find nourishment. What if this is your daily skincare ritual?

You are safe here to fall into a state of deep rest and nurturance, to open in heart, in soul, in self. Being at home in your body is a consistent practice. Landing in an exalted, sacred place within you, even more so. The Collection with a presence as wide as the firmament, holds you and with a regular ritual assists you in practicing this fine art. You slow down. You soften. You rise and shine.

This is ceremonial skincare of the finest and highest order.

Each ceremonial piece infuses you with light and love, regulation and balance, allowing the re-alignment of cells and tissues, improving overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin. This nurtures self-healing and has a pronounced effect on all cellular and biochemical processes in the body. The benefits can also be strongly felt emotionally and mentally, reinvigorating joy along with inspiring expressions of creativity, releasing overthinking and tension - letting you shine in all your beauty.

Your highest vision and version reside in that gracious etherealness of our collection. Receive it.

It is a good time to remember who you are and what a gift you are to the world. Let your highest goal be visible to you, keep it in your heart’s reach every single day. And keep close to the ones who rise to meet and hold you even higher. This is about honoring and loving your powerful and beautiful spirit.

We celebrate high vibrancy in a luscious, colorful and sensual expression.

Each piece turns your skincare ritual into a nourishing, delicious meal. Bounding forth, in vivid colors, different flavors, sensual textures and healing scents - calling to you. This is energy made visible through palpable, sensorial pleasure. Savour every insanely beautiful, luxe dollop and droplet.

Every concoction units the satisfyingly sensual with the mystic intangible and has a deliciously deep character, dimension and a wildly beautiful, incredibly elevated vibrancy. Once diving into the bottles and jars that hold silky drops, luscious balms, sensual droplets and a fluffy mask you will see the gold in it, you will see where the gift is there for you.

A new way of being in this world.

Illuminated moments, rising feelings, brief seeings, sweet spots of wisdom and harmony, intuition blossoming. Peace welling up. A high-vibe lifestyle becomes both your muse and your guide to a joyful, spirited, delicious state of being.

By changing the way your skin looks like with high vibe skincare you will change your world, too. It is all about the same - finding exquiste harmony, shifting that flow of energy, expanding into luminosity, feeling levity, sweet serenity. Being so fulfilled that you can pass it on from here. Out of this fullfillment you can let your light shine on others, too. You create ripples of love through your family, your friends, your working space. You are a light.

Luminance, Love, Serenity. Clarity, Tenderness, Wisdom. These are your gifts. Our collection just ignites them.