Handcrafted in fresh micro batches in Vienna with utmost care, our wildly luxurious collection of high-vibe treats pioneers the fusion of skincare and energy work.

This stunning new dimension comes to life with high vibe ingredients. In the knowing that high vibrations bring out the genius in ingredients, amplify their talents and carve out a potency unknown before, we render homage to the highest frequencies of the plant world and bring them to you in our beautiful bottles to delight skin, soul and spirit.

With dedication we meticulously search the most pristine soils of sacred lands for ingredients with a rare and very high level of vibrancy. Each journey is an opportunity to expand our awareness of the plant world even more and to stretch beyond the buffers of perceiption.

Speaking to the potency of our treats also means sharing the ethical methodology behind the sourcing of our treasured high vibe ingredients. Revering indigenous healers, organic, multi-generational farms and inspiring ingredient experts, we source from a very small handful of growers worldwide that are passionate, dedicated and holistic. The vibrancy of an ingredient is nurtured by the subtle energies of the land, the cosmic forces and by the practices of the people who harvest each ingredient. It’s our privilege to work with such incredible humans around the world who trust us with the continued life cycle of their sacred plants.

Being an organically certified manufactory (BDIH) we select only ingredients that are organic, wild crafted, sustainable and environmentally and socially conscious. All products are vegan, with the exception of the Sweet Serenity range, which contains raw Manuka Honey and Propolis.

From batch to batch

Each batch is handcrafted from the world's highest vibrant ingredients. This means that the elements of mother nature determine the slightest variation in color, scent and texture of an ingredient. No batch is identical to another.

Each season will be different as each drop of an oil, each spoonful of powder, each scoop of butter is a moment in time. Extraordinarily beautiful and unique. Depending on the weather, the land, the time of distillation or extraction and the cosmic influences. These complexities that are involved, leave us in awe of all the alchemical wonder of this metamorphosis which is biochemical yet mysterious and transformational on so many levels.


Helichrysum italicum

found in:

Beauty Balm
Rescue Balm
The Intuitive

The first high-vibe ingredient to spark the idea of Sweet Serenity's incredibly potent and rare healing powers was Helichrysum Italicum. With more than 600 species and subspecies Helichrysum bears a secret: there is an extremely rare species on the island of Corse which by far exceeds the healing talents of all the others and which is unique in this world, acknowledged for its special powers.

We took our kids and travelled to the charming French island of Corse. After discovering the island's mountainous areas where Helichrysum grows wild, softly dancing in the breeze, we finally found our distillery: a family owned business, small, dedicated and deeply connected with the plants. Standing next to the extraordinary head distiller, watching as miracles unfolded, we knew, we had found our treasure. We were instantly falling for the beautifully high vibration and the rich, herbaceous, wildflower, honey-like bouquet of this exceptionally beautiful Helichrysum.

Unbelievably rich in active ingredients Helichrysum Italicum is renowned for its tremendously healing impact on any hard-to-treat skin issue as well as on sunburn, acne, couperose and rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, traumatized skin & traumatized souls, while boosting collagen also benefiting maturing skin


Raw manuka honey & manuka essential oil

RAW Manuka Honey found in:

Mask & Wash

MANUKA essential oil found in:

The Sweet Serenity collection
Circle of Protection

High vibrations  - an energy of life force recalibrating, of love, light and harmony - unravel the genius in ingredients, amplify their healing mastery and carve out a potency unknown before.

In the pure and pristine scenery of New Zealand Max and I fell in love with the healing power of the Manuka tree. I carried a tiny bottle of Manuka essential oil with me wherever I went, leaning deep into its mystery.

Getting to know it better and better each day as you do with a dear friend who in the course of opening up lets you in on his secrets. Fascinated by its healing, regenerating, repairing and highly antimicrobial talents (so good for acne, eczema, wounds of any kind) we knew we were going to embrace this precious oil in at least one of our creations. At the same time Max and I found a rare gem of Raw Manuka Honey: highly vibrant, full of healing information, golden-colored and with a wonderful scent experience.

Being a really special ingredient of Mask&Wash, Raw Manuka Honey even tops other Raw Honey's in its antimicrobial abilities, its potency as a humectant, its anti-inflammatory talents, its ability to fade scars and any redness as well as promoting collagen. Manuka fosters skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage and helps with acne and any other troubled skin condition. To happy, healthy skin it imparts a wonderful glow and feeds deep hydration back in.

The highly protective essential oil of Manuka, my go-to for almost anything from skin issues to coughs attracts positive energy, helps you to center and nurtures strength. It relieves so many skin issues (acne, blisters, eczema …) and traumas. There is a Maori ritual when a child is born, they welcome the baby by saying: Welcome to this life here on earth, may you be as strong as a Manuka.


Murumuru butter

found in:

Rescue Balm
Beauty Balm

As with all the highly vibrant ingredients - which Max and I meticulously search all over the world - there is a special and incredibly beautiful story to our raw Murumuru Butter which is the most extraordinary Murmuru Butter we have ever laid our hands on. Our Murumuru Butter is collected wildly in genuine biodiversity hotspots in the Amazon Rainforest thanks to the secret knowledge of our indigenous partners.

Their hearts and souls are entwined with nature, with its elementals and its trees plants. Being healers for generations their recipe for this precious butter is handed down from grandfather/grandmother to father/mother to son/daughter. They only extract what the forest allows them to take. So, before harvesting, the Indios ask permission from the tree. Only then will they gather the fruits with love and gratitude, always leaving behind nuts for the tree, and for the animals as a healing source of food.

We celebrate our carefully foraged Murumuru Butter in the Sweet Serenity Collection, where its talents help to calm sensitive, allergic, stressed out skin, also retaining moisture beautifully. Its high content of lauric acid (46-52% ) gives it an instant cooling effect which is so soothing for rosacea flare ups and any other inflammation related heat. In the knowing that wildly sourced plants have a much higher active ingredient content than ordinary organic raw materials - their nutrient density often is up to 700% higher – we are full of gratitude to have found such a gem.


Argan oil

found in:


Max and I have a most beautiful source of Argan Oil - from a dear friend, Gertraud, who was drawn to manufacturing argan oil out of love and passion, for the people, the Moroccan land, and of course the argan trees. All this makes this oil incredibly highly vibrant, shining with the love it was made with. When Gertraud walks into a room it is impossible not to feel the energy radiated by the petite woman with the short light blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes who has such an infectious zest for life.... But it was not always that way.

In 2004 the relocation and expansion of her health food business had left her with the feeling she had reached her limits. In an effort to regain strength, she chose to spend three months living simply in the small Moroccan village. She hoped that by working in the fields plucking roses she would find herself again and restore her sense of inner tranquility and equilibrium. While searching for somewhere to stay, Gertraud was welcomed like a daughter by a family with their nine children. Each day she followed the women to the “rose garden” to work in the fields – surrounded by olive, almond, fig and apricot trees. Accompanied only by the laughter and chatter of the women, plucking the roses soon became a form of meditation. This sojourn in Morocco not only restored Gertraud’s strength and natural vivacity, it also showed her the poverty and unemployment that prevailed in this rural part of the country. Spontaneously she decided to do what she could to help. Fascinated by the old Berber tales and legends surrounding the wonderful argan oil, she immediately began learning all she could about this “Moroccan gold.” With all her passion and aided by her valuable experience and in-depth knowledge of organic foods she founded a company of her own to produce top-quality organic Argan Oil in 2005. The very first employees in the newly founded company were the sons and daughters of her Moroccan Berber hosts who Gertraud took on as her business partners, thus providing them with a secure livelihood. Things had come a full circle. Gertraud chose the area around Essaouria for her precious Argan Oil. It was there that after months of searching and sampling she finally found trees with argan seeds which were especially rich in character and which convey the nuances of the delicate, nutty scent with unsurpassed finesse. This personal commitment, this love for the process as well as the gratitude of her employees and their dedication - all this is can be felt when you hold her argan oil in your hands. We are full of gratitude for this beautiful source and we are in awe of its many, incredible talents.

Legends abound regarding this magical golden shimmering oil, talking about its immense antioxidative, regenerating, protective and nourishing capabilities, its talent to calm irritated skin also pampering sensitive skin. It is even considered to be a secret potion against cellulite.


Sacred palo santo

Flower water & essential oil found in:

The Intuitive

We fell in love with Palo Santo at first sight. Its spiritual meaning, strong protective forces, sacred character and incredible skin healing properties, its ability to support heightened energy in the body, elevating soul and spirit, deeply resonate with our high-vibe philosophy.

Palo Santo is South America’s most sacred tree, holding a very high and fine energy. Legends abound, regarding its healing potency, its energy clearing talents and its power to support manifestation. Stories about its magic are handed down from father to son under the Equadorian sun. Our destiller, a visionary alchemist, lives with his family in the heart of the Ecuadorian National Park in deep harmony with the tree. He is the primary researcher, innovator, distiller, and educator about Palo Santo Oil in the world and the vast majority of information that is known about this oil has come from his work: the medicinal power, the therapeutic effect, the rich ethnobotanical knowledge. He has found his life’s purpose in working with Palo Santo. This instills confidence and the tree has openend up to him in a way that our distiller was allowed to see its full potential, an insight which only few shamans were granted before him.

Ethically wildcrafted from dead wood gathered from the tropical dry forest on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast he was the first to manage distilling an oil from the wood and over the years he has culminated this work to a fine art, managing to produce an unbelievably beautiful essential oil and hydrosol. This distillation is highly therapeutic and intriguingly complex. To harvest the oil, only dead trees that have been left lying on the ground for a minimum of 3-6 years can be used. The resin is driven into the heartwood when the wood dies and matures, developing its unique and powerful chemistry. Only trees which have died a natural death free of illness will serve as a source for the oil. The symbolism of rebirthing is strong and powerful.

Palo Santo has long been worshiped by indigenous cultures for its purifying, energy clearing and protecting powers. Additionally Palo Santo Oil will assist in slowing down the overly active mind and supports tranquility and peacefulness. Equally captivating are its emotional benefits that come with alternative medicine practices, energy healing and aromatherapy. Palo Santo, helps combat depression and anxiety attacks as well feelings of being overhelmed. It’s mood-uplifting and supports heightened energy in the body. Therefore, when used regularly, it elevates the spirit. Starting exhausted and depressed and culminating in a vibrant life of love, prosperity and happiness is an exemplary study of this oil.


Rose damascena

essential oil found in:

Mask & Wash
Beauty Balm
Rescue Balm
The Intuitive
I am the light
Journey in Time

I knew I had found the essential rose oil I was always craving for. High-vibrational and so rare in potency and pureness that it makes my heart flip and instantly open up wide. Lifting the lid of the testing vial, there was nothing left than to swoon over this incredible energy, this intoxicating, heavenly yet so innocent scent in all its clarity. I am a forever ardent fan of this very rose and its magic.

I am in close contact with the sister of our leading grower and distiller of roses, coming from a multi-generational rose farm in the dry Iranian highlands, a charming lady, a powerhouse of rose knowledge. She gave me insights into her family’s passion. Her grandfather being a pioneer in organic rose breeding, in a valley were opium poppy was prevalent, brought incredible bliss to the small village where it all began, thanks to his stamina and steadiness in pursuing his noble dreams. As the business flourished and his son joined him, they gave back to the land and the people. They heightened the organic principles by following even stricter biodynamic farming, acting responsibly and ethically by offering educational support and monetary assistance to conventional farmers for converting to organic farming. Additionally the family founded orphanages, improved the water supply to the village and supported schools and health care. Meanwhile 1500 farmers work for them whom they see as family. So apart from fostering sustainable trading relationships based on trust and transparency through the whole supply chain, the company contributes to the welfare of the wider community by supporting different health, education and infrastructure projects in the region, devoted to the promotion of social, educational and cultural development.

Harvesting season is heaven! The air in the whole valley is rich and pregnant with the so, so delicious scent of roses. Amidst the hurry of working with the fragile picked roses as quickly as possible, great care and love is the main focus. The roses must not be allowed to get hot, otherwise they would lose too much of their essential oil. So harvesting starts in the earliest morning hours and everyone in the valley chimes in to help. Again and again the distillery workers turn the roses gently over to ensure that they remain cool until they are filled into the distilleries, as fresh and vibrant as can be.

Our distiller-family has a big heart and a strong vision. This is mirrored in their deep reverence for nature, the land and the people and of course and foremost for each and every rose.