Rebecca Casciano

Beyond the product itself, max and me's creator Tanja is just a lovely person, whom I felt an instant connection with from across the world.

I truly believe she infuses high vibrations of light, love and beauty into every bottle. It's been such a pleasure getting to know her, as well as introducing my clients to the magic of max and me. I would recommend this line to anyone looking for a deeper connection to their beauty and well-being.
Love + Beauty,
XO Rebecca


Serena Goldenbaum

The facial oils have a wonderful texture and do not run into the eyes as many other oils do.

The facial oil cleanser readily dissolves make up and daily grime.
The body oil blends have become my daily ritual, which I can’t do without anymore.
I love to start the day nourished by them ...


Suzy Stöckl

The purity and high vibrations of max and me oils accompany me during the moving process of making true beauty shine in my photos.

They dance on the skin, lending it a wonderful shimmer, embracing me with their elfin energy and magical feeling.

I believe these oils have a magic touch. I enjoy the light that radiates from them, and I look forward to my "morning oil" as soon as I wake up.


Isabelle von Fallois

From the very moment that I held the first two little elfin body oils by max and me in my hand, I knew they were different.

They vibrate higher than anything else I’ve ever known before, even though I’ve been working intensively with oils for around 13 years! I’d hardly applied the first oil to my body, when I immediately could see my first impression hadn’t misled me. In the meantime, it has become my daily ritual to pamper my skin with these truly heavenly oils, it feels simply wonderful!

I think it’s an especially nice idea to chant mantras when massaging in the oil, since that elevates your entire wellbeing to another level. Not only do the elfin oils have a magical effect on your physical wellbeing, but also on your mind and soul!