beyond organic

Max and Tanja lovingly source ingredients only from farmers, cooperatives and distillers who carefully harvest wild plants, or practice organic farming, in harmony with nature its seasons and its rhythm. We need them to consider plants as beings of light that are respected and revered.

We are proud to have found intuitive people, who are in close connection with their plants, knowing the very best time of harvest and distillation, thus maintaining the highest level of healing powers and energy in the plants.


highly vibrant

With dedication, intuition and much aptitude Max and Tanja meticulously search for organic or wildcrafted ingredients with a rare and very high level of vibrancy. This high vibrancy is Max and Tanja’s most favorite ingredient, it makes their hearts sing. It transforms the skin and lifts the soul. High vibrational ingredients are more focused, more concentrated in their effects, while they suffuse your skin and your whole being with beautiful energy, love and an exquisite harmony - aligning your cells, your tissues, your organs, your chakras and your meridians with their perfectly balanced innate structure and rhythm. Having only one mission: to awaken, nurture and reinforce the beauty of your skin – and your soul.


certified by BDIH

max and me compositions contain

  • NO parabenes
  • NO petroleum products
  • NO glycols, propylenes
  • NO preservatives
  • NO silicons
  • NO animal products
  • NO genetically engineered materials
  • NO synthetic aromas or colors
Made WITHOUT animal testing.
All max and me compositions are certified according to BDIH. BDIH has established the strictest standards in the world for natural cosmetics. In addition to the careful selection of plant materials, the ecological compatibility of each product, including the environmentally sustainable production and optimal harvesting methods, as well as the economical utilization of recyclable packaging materials, play an important role.