the heart of max and me

It was a radiant, inspiring love that brought Max and Tanja together:
A magical attraction and the deep knowledge that they were meant to let something beautiful grow out of their love story, something in deep resonance with their holistic attitude towards life, something that contributes to make this world a better place - by encouraging people to nurture a greater harmony with their body, their spirit, mother earth and one another.

All this inspired a vision of skincare that has never been there before, luminous skincare based on high vibrational ingredients. Skincare that goes beyond mere product performance. Skincare that suffuses you with a most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy. Skincare that realigns people with the wholeness that is inside themselves, with their innate healing abilities. Skincare that brightens people and the world we live in.

Max and Tanja’s marriage birthed „ max and me“ a beautifully holistic, purely organic, highly vibrant, luminous skincare collection - the culmination of their love, their belietheir journeys throughout the world and their deep connection with the healing powers of nature.

May “max and me” awake and reinforce the beauty in people, let it shine through each and every cell, let it dance on their skin while reconnecting them with their source, their inner light, showing them the lightness and the abundant joy of being.


Max has an entrepreneurial spirit with an international flair, a fine sense of humor and an inspiring character.

He embraced his holistic beliefs in the creation of a company structure for max and me that is truly visionary in its efforts to harness purest and highest vibrating energy, its appreciation and reverence for nature and the individual, its approach to integrity, responsibility and sustainability. Each step of the way.

Max conceived the entire company’s structure of max and me on the most ethical level possible. Deeply committed to highlight and support ecologically compatible work, Max shows dedicated environmental and social responsibility.

This shows in the max and me manufacture:
It is small and beautiful, thoughtful and loving, careful with resources and respectful of nature.


Growing up in Austria’s pure, pristine countryside with woods, fields of wild flowers and herbs at her hands, Tanja developed a deep love for plants, collecting them, marvelling at them, growing them, caring for them. Early on she also began discovering subtle energies, as well as her own intuitive ways and healing abilities.

So after studying economics at university in Vienna and starting a career as a creative director in advertising, Tanja came back to her roots, feeling a strong pull towards the Austrian Academy of Kinesiology. There Tanja has been trained in energetic healing, kinesiology and aromatherapy for three years. This enforced her intuitive talent of understanding plants and being able to tap them with her creative vein while formulating. At the same time, her extensive trips around the world with her husband Max brought Tanja into touch with healing practices and beauty rituals of indigenous peoples. It was then that she founded “max and me” together with Max, holding a totally new vision of skincare, luminous skincare based on high vibrational ingredients.

Tanja’s greatest wish is to help people glow in all their beauty so that the world is an ever more enlightened place.

the elfin garden

„max and me“ skincare is deeply connected with the higher energies and healing powers of nature. The intimate, artisanal manufacture of „max and me" in pure, pristine Austria is surrounded by an enchanted garden.

Every day, morning and evening Max and Tanja take a walk in their garden, feeling the special energy of the plants and trees, stopping here and there to connect with flowers. These moments are so unwinding, so deeply relaxing and fulfilling.

pure and pristine

In the manufacture’s garden there are columbines, bell flowers, ferns, angelica root, St. John’s wort, lavender, lemon verbena, roses and many more.



In the daytime, butterflies flutter from blossom to blossom, in the nighttime
you can discover fireflies.


plant - whisperers

Max and Tanja deeply resonate with their plants. In the rhythm of the seasons, the changing weather, the light of the day and the magic of the night, they observe the nature of their plants, tuning into them, resonating with them.



Max and Tanja create, blend and bottle their finely scented compositions in a magically beautiful place surrounded by a lushly flowering garden – their „max and me“ manufactory, where each detail is coordinated with loving care.

Attention is paid to a beautifully vibrant environment, you can even hear Max and Tanja chant mantras while they are totally and lovingly immersed in each and every production. Another beautiful detail:
all „max and me“ oil blends are hand-succussed meaning their energetic effect is ever so gently intensified and reaches dimensions far away, while creating a soft flow.


The whole „max and me“ collection is hand-blended in small artisanal batches with uttermost care.



All concoctions are then filled up in violet glass bottles/jars, so the content is energetically reinforced and protected from external influences.



Max and Tanja create, blend and bottle their finely scented compositions in a magically beautiful place surrounded by a lushly flowering garden – their „max and me“ manufactory, where each detail is coordinated with loving dedication.


the max and me family

The carefully curated team offers its outstanding talents, unbelievable wisdom, genuine warmth and much loving care to „max and me“. All of the team members also have special energetic talents that shine for „max and me“.

There is Susi, a kinesiologist and vibrations expert, who generously shares her many-faceted medical and kinesthetic knowhow. Dr. Markus Neumann, a renowned dermatologist who gives insight into his brilliant healing ways and his research work. Japanese kinesiologist Shinobu, head of spa, experienced in Asian healing methods and beauty rituals. Warmhearted Hedviga, Tanja’s assistant, talented in so manifold ways, is also a gifted meditation’s teacher. René head of customer care and product training is a powerhouse of knowledge and also a Yoga teacher and massage-therapist. Patricia, globetrotter, forever sparked by her wanderlust, travels the world in search of places that deeply resonate with „max and me“, building relationships that last and also taking care of public relations.