VIP online Max and Me MASTERCLASS CEREMONY with Mama Medicine
Mama Medicine and Tanja

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with Elena Brower


A one hour skincare-focused Masterclass Ceremony guided by the vibrational tools and teachings of Max&Me’s Founder Tanja with meditation and insights by Elena Brower.

Day: 11th of November 2020
Time: LA 11 AM PST / SANTA FE 12 PM MDT / NY 2 PM EST / VIENNA 8 PM CET / pls convert to your specific time zone 
Duration: 1 hr plus room for questions
Guided by: Tanja (Max&Me) and Elena Brower via zoom

Holistic high-vibe skincare Max and Me and yoga & meditation teacher icon Elena Brower.

When Tanja and Elena met, it was soul-sisterhood at first sight. A connection from heart to heart. Author of the bestselling books and card decks Art of Attention and Practice you, internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher, artist, mama, student and podcast host, Elena is a luminary. Elena elevates and enlightens this Masterclass with her presence, a sweet meditation and some of her beloved poetry.

Tanja, co-founder of Max and Me will be in to offer this Masterclass Ceremony, revealing the beauty within their otherworldly product line, a fusion of energy work and wildly luxurious skincare. Tanja showcases in this class how, by working with high vibe ingredients, you can transform the way your skin looks like and change your whole world, too. It is all about the same - finding exquisite harmony, shifting that flow of energy, expanding into luminosity, feeling levity, sweet serenity. Being so fulfilled that you can pass it on from here - to your family, your circle of friends, your universe!

Together, Tanja and Elena explore with you the transcendency and healing power of beauty.

Await an inspiring, interactive, vibrant Masterclass that will bring radiance to your skin, amplify your light and brighten your energy. Expect guidance, ceremony, tools and rituals to raise your vibrations, open your interior spaces and draw abundant strength from your core. And then there is of course a whole playground of Max and Me skincare to delve into - find these pieces of the Collection that make you glow in all your vibrant beauty.

Product bundle


While this Masterclass is complimentary, it will be guided specifically using the Max & Me Masterclass Collection. We highly recommend securing your Masterclass Collection to receive the full high-vibe experience of this offering. If you already have pieces of our Collection ready at hand, be welcomed to use them during the Masterclass.

Product bundle set

10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. body oil Circle of Protection

10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. facial oil cleanser Purity&Grace

10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. botanical facial mist The Intuitive

5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Mask&Wash

5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Rescue Balm

5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Beauty Balm

2ml / 0,07 fl.oz. face oil I am the light

2ml / 0,07 fl.oz. face oil Enchanted

Items needed for the class:

  • prepare your favorite tea
  • warm water in a medium bowl
  • warm water in a small bowl
  • tissues
  • 2 muslin cloths
  • a mirror
  • a hairband if needed
  • A small bowl and brush if you prefer to mix your mask in a bowl
  • the Max and Me Masterclass Collection or your own Max&Me products
pics from mama medicine