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crystal beauty-duo
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Crystal Beauty

A body oil blend of the purest

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

€ 66.67

The Magic of this blend is alive in each moment when you reach for it.
With rare Mountain Lavender, wild and crisp Juniper Berry and floral Neroli you suddenly have the power to breathe away overthinking, fear, tension and anxiety.

Its signs also melt away on your skin with each fine application of this silky oil. Lean into the beauty of clarity and levity in conscious ways and see how capable, how wise, strong and stable you are.
Cranberry Seed Oil guides you towards your innate rhythm and your own path to release. Skin, soul and spirit feel relief from old patterns and blockages, from worry and restlessness. It’s almost a new beginning. And it feels so good.


  • Clears, detoxifies and refines on a physical and subtle level

  • Frees from it all, liberates

  • Working for all skin types and especially benefitting irritated, troubled, sensitive skin

  • Regulates, balances, boosts self healing

  • Guides skin back to its innate rhythm

  • Aromatherapeutically clearing, detoxifying

  • Energetically purifying

Aromatic bouquet

An herbaceous song of freedom and clarity grounded in floral beauty.

Get crystal clear with this regulating, correcting elixir for the whole body. Glide deeper into the pool of self-discovery whilst this potent blend works to balance and detoxify, helping to restore the skin’s natural self-healing in places suffering from blemishes, acne, rashes, scarring and tissue trauma.

In particular, we like to use Crystal Beauty on irritated, troubled and sensitive conditions. Indulge also areas often neglected like the back, buttocks, backs of the arms and feet. You will be delighted to also experience its purifying effect on the subtle body, calling upon release and relief for mind and soul, easing overthinking and worry guiding you back to calm and clarity.

The Ceremony

Stepping right out of the shower, slowly glide your hands filled with precious, golden drops all over your still moist skin. Softly massage your whole body, enjoying the silkiness, the softness, the glow, the sweet hydration. Add a drop to smooth over your hair, to make that scent linger a little longer. Finish with a drop warmed between your palms stroking your aura with gentle moves.

Heighten the experience: Use this oil blend to support any purifying or cleansing practices. This way your entire system is being cleared, from the emotional and mental level down to the biochemical and cellular level. Infuse your energy with clarity and grace. Start by warming a few drops in your palms, inhale deeply and connect with the fine and pure vibrations.


This blend has its very own energy, which is pure, clear, almost ethereal. Its vibrancy is mighty in helping you to discover a wild and free version of yourself. Untamed by patterns and blockages, by fear and tension, just your raw and incredibly beautiful self.

No longer do you have to stay mired in patterns of thinking and feeling that do not serve you. The frequency of each aromatic drop purifies and harmonizes body, mind and soul, helps foster release, clearing and purifying, imparting lightness of being, rendering your energy crystal clear.


Hero Ingredients

Each and every ingredient carries the high-vibe mission to purify, clear and refine all that you are. The bouquet of essential oils is exceptional in serving as a lens to your clearest and purest version.

We especially appreciate Neroli, Wild Juniper and wild Mountain Lavender in their abilities to ward of negative energy, clear the subtle body and help manage worry, anxiety, overthinking and fear by guiding you towards your own path to release. Another gem in this blend is organic Cranberry Seed Oil, which boosts the innate self-healing capacities of the skin and encourages it to find back to its very own rhythm.


Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil1, Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Kernel Oil2, Cranberry Seed Oil1, Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Flower Oil1, Lavendula Angustifolia Herb Oil3, Juniperus Communis Nana (Juniper) Oil4, Jasminum Sambac Flower Extrakt1, Rosa Damascena (Rose Damask) Flower Oil1, Benzyl Alcohol5, Benzyl Benzoate5, Citronellol5, Citral5, Farnesol5, Geraniol5, Eugenol5, Limonene5, Linalool5

1 certified organic cultivation 2 wild-crafted 3 organically wildcrafted 4 organically grown wild crop 5 natural constituents of essential oils