a journey in time and dimensions

helps remove the traces of time from your body

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Works wonderfully for all skin types in need of toned gorgeousness, happy dewiness and invigorated silky softness.

This deliciousness helps you experience the beauty of your skin to the fullest, melting away the traces of time with its holistic talents, by repairing, renewing and reinvigorating, leaving skin toned, dewy, petalsoft to the touch. Being enveloped in the out of this world scent of pink lotus, sparkling jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and rose, among other treasures, makes it an even greater pleasure to indulge in this goodness. Glide the precious, golden drops on after showering when skin is still moist and enjoy the silkiness, the softness, the glow, the sweet hydration. Above and beyond embellishing your skin the highly vibrant properties of the plants encourage meditation and give you the feeling of being exalted beyond time and place. Experience how this precious blend pairs up with you on a beautiful journey to reconnect with yourself. To come home to yourself.


  • repairs, renews, tonic
  • restores optimum hydration
  • powerfully antioxidant
  • endows with petalsoft dewiness
  • melts away the years
  • invites you to discover new lands, opens up new horizons
  • enhances meditation – evokes serene calmness

blend of essential oils

rejuvenating, toning, renewing

The blend of essential oils in “journey in time“ was created to impart toning and repairing effects with the wonderfully uplifting characteristics of enlivening ylang-ylang, anti-inflammatory sandalwood, repairing & moisturizing rose, tonic frankincense & patchouli, glowing, repairing, Qi-enhancing jasmine and lotus, as well as regenerating myrrh.

energetic talents

*) Ylang-Ylang1 – opens and centers, supportive effect on the heart, harmonizes the mind and calms the nervous system, imparts joy of life and deep relaxation, awakens your passion, intuition and creativity; gives you a feeling of safety
*) Sandalwood2 – amongst the most sensual and spiritual oils in the world unites the physical, spiritual and mental realms; calms the soul and helps you find inner peace
*) Frankincense3 – mediates between the physical and the metaphysical world,
enables transcendental experiences
*) Rose Damask1 – resonates beautifully with the heart, opens up for universal love
*) Jasmine1 – supports the Qi-energy of the heart, calms the nerves and uplifts the mind, helps with anxiety and restlessness. Also enhances intuition.
*) Patchouli1 – awakens sensuality and fantasy, helps you approach the future in serenity
*) Lotus – one of the most highly spiritual oils, opens up new dimensions
*) Myrrhe2 – opens up body and soul

1 certified organic cultivation
2 wild crafted
3 organically grown wild crop

a rare harmony

*) Purest, finest, organic Moroccan argan oil from natural wild-growing trees.
Legends abound regarding this magical golden shimmering oil, relating that argan oil can have strong rejuvenating effects, repairing and renewing cells with anitoxidative benefits. It is even considered to be a secret potion against cellulitis, soothing irritated skin and pampering sensitive skin.
*) Wonderfully protective South African marula oil from carefully selected wild harvest.
Highly moisturizing, is said to be an outstanding antioxidant. We greatly value its gentle calming and caressing effect on the skin.
*) Cold-pressed organic Chilean rosehip oil.
A most precious oil with a beautiful golden-yellow tone. It has been said that this oil can have a highly rejuvenating effect due to its deeply regenerative and nourishing properties.


When your skin and your soul need some tender loving care, warm a few drops of this heavenly oil blend in your palms, inhale deeply and connect with the very special energy. Then massage the body oil blend into the moist skin. These are moments of bliss. Add a drop to smooth over your hair, to make that scent linger a little longer. Finish with a drop warmed between your palms stroking your aura with gentle moves.


Argania spinosa Kernel Oil1, Rosa moschata Seed Oil1, Sclerocarya birrea Kernel Oil2, Cananga odorata Flower Oil1, Santalum album Oil2, Boswellia carterii Gum Oil3, Rosa damascena Flower Oil1, Jasminum sambac Flower Extract1, Pogostemon cablin Leaf Oil1, Nelumbium speciosium Flower Extract, Commiphora myrrha Gum Oil2, Benzyl Alcohol4, Benzyl Benzoate4, Benzyl Salicylate4, Citronellol4, Citral4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4

1 certified organic cultivation
2 wild crafted
3 organically grown wild crop
4 natural constituents of essential oils

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