Grow beyond.

We see you in all your miraculousness, in your magnificence. In all your beauty. You are splendorous. This is to wake you up to the full magic that you house within you. This is about honoring and loving the powerful and beautiful spirit that you are. We want to remind you of the great powers you possess. Beyond the image of external beauty we see you in all your gorgeousness, in your strength, your bravery. We see your tender heart, your sweet love for this world. These are your natural gifts, humming inside of you.

They require your attention, they need your nurturing. They are to be cultivated with great care. This is where our Max and Me Collection comes in. Each and every piece reminds you with its high vibe focus to be anchored in positive thinking, softness and love. To stay steady and grounded, inspired and courageous. To be a catalyst for transformation.

We chose The Intuitive to help you grow beyond

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This botanical facial mist is deeply committed to your care and will make sure that you have all you need to feed and nourish your skin and spirit during challenging times and difficult moments. The Intuitive helps you lean into creativity and curiosity, into strength and bravery to grow beyond in conscious ways and to see how capable, strong and stable you are. Its vibrancy is mighty in helping you discover the highest version of yourself.

The Intuitive houses an ocean of strength, a deep calm, a way to unlock your innate wisdom

Each flavorful, calming spritz of The Intuitive sings to you sweetly “grow beyond”. After the first tentative steps you quickly learn to dance gracefully to this melody. It is a sense of possibility, of expanding and evolving which each drop empowers you with. Begin a dialogue with your capacities, strengthen the muscle of your daring heart.

And when fear pops up you will give it a place and a voice. You will listen but you will overcome. You will outgrow it. The Intuitive imbues you with the calm and reassuring strength of mother earth and offers a deep sense of belonging, harmony and wellbeing.

The Intuitive

Botanical facial mist

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

€ 70,83

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Comfort zone challenge gallery

The ingredients of The Intuitive which bring forth your capacities, your resilience, your strength, your highest vision and version.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo has long been worshiped by indigenous cultures for its energy clearing and harmonizing powers. Additionally it supports tranquility and peacefulness, bringing about deep wellbeing and balance.

Equally captivating are its emotional benefits, helping to combat depression and anxiety attacks as well as feelings of being overhelmed. It’s mood-uplifting and supports heightened energy in the body.

Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy is so good in helping us make our relationship to the world and others a more flowing, adaptive and dynamic one. The body focus of Blue Tansy is the solar plexus, which it softens and expands.

Also Blue Tansy supports in treating sleep disorders, reduce anxiety and alleviate depression.


Rich, sweet and comforting Benzoe softens and gently grounds awareness, abstracted by troubled thoughts. It is particularly good for nervous anxiety and worry, having a consolidating, centering effect.

In general, Benzoin is of great benefit in times of physical and emotional upheaval, it is able to relax the mind, calm agitation, ease frustration and irritability. Its warm, nourishing quality feeds and inspires our ability to nurture, to comfort both self and others.


The Intuitive has the power to put you in a place of capacity

This botanical facial mist goes further than skincare with a deep effect on emotions, spirit and consciousness. It will brighten your outlook, ease the stress of difficult times, dispel blockages. When sprayed in your aura or into your surroundings, it is a powerful tool for protection, grounding, balancing emotions and clearing the atmosphere.

Before important meetings and talks, for conferences and for your studio - you can use The Intuitive as a body spray/aura spray and also as a a room spray: enjoy the energy clearing and marvel at the centered, tranquil space it creates.

You grow

A public speech, a new job, a difficult practice. Anything can be a comfort zone challenge. The kind we face in the tiniest and biggest ways throughout our cycles of life. It often leaves us feeling not good enough to live up to the situation, stressed and anxious. We can stay anchored in timidity and reluctance. Or we can grow beyond. With a regular ritual The Intuitive helps you choose expansion and evolvement, cultivate your highest vision and living from your tender heart. Call upon The Intuitive, call upon your inner guides and call upon people into your life that challenge you to give your best and hold you high.

Start with self-care and self-love

2020 was a great teacher in showing us that we first need to put a focus on consistent self-care and self-love to then be able to give to others freely from a place of steadiness, capacity and love. In the throes of a difficult moment I always turn to my skincare ritual, practiced as a ceremony, to help me get grounded and deeply rooted in rest and nurturance. Here The Intuitive always leads the way in opening up the ceremony and in being the red thread throughout.

Get calm and steady with The Intuitive through breathwork

This incredibly beautiful piece has great depth in working with your skin, your soul and your spirit. It brings about a slower cadence, a softer stance, a happier place. Each fine droplet has the power to change your ways of being, melting away anxiety, stress and overthinking, while enhancing feelings of love and joy.

Put trust in your capacity, your tender heart, your strength. Also trust that growth will not and shall not happen overnight. Practices like positive thinking, introspection, journaling, yoga, meditation or working with mantras are meant to be done over time. Take lessons from the flowers and their slow, deliberate way to bloom. Nature is our greatest teacher in this. Embrace the process of becoming.

Enhance your yogic and meditation practice with The Intuitive. And refresh yourself throughout.

Deeply calming and centering with a special talent in clearing and balancing energy, The Intuitive has a talent to turn every minute into a ceremonial pause.