Your inner voice. From a whisper to a full octave.

Welcome home to the higher knowing with which you were born.
This is an invitation to get in touch with something greater inside of ourselves. Something more true. More awake. That source of light, that inner wisdom, that guiding voice. You house within you the power to see. It is an adventure of awakening, a joy of discovery to open up to it.

We curated two pieces of our Collection which usher forth the most beautiful results in amplifying your wisdom and clarity. Continuously working with the I am the Light face oil and The Intuitive will tune your inner voice from a whisper to a full octave. Breathe back into the higher intelligence coursing through you. The more you respond to the call, the louder the voice will get.

Be a student of your beautiful and powerful spirit and let the I am the Light face oil and
The Intuitive be your master teachers

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While the I am the Light face oil guides you into working with your Third Eye, The Intuitive brings about energy clearing and creates a protected space to feel free and safe enough to dive deep. Everything works on a vibrational resonance and frequency, so begin to generate a more heightened experience internally and externally with these ceremonial pieces.

The vibrancy of the I am the Light face oil resonates with your Third Eye

This golden-hued face oil is a deep appreciation to the highest intelligence that courses through you most when you are filled with light. Energetically, I am the Light is formulated with White Fir, Pink Lotus, Frangipani and Cypriol to stimulate a connection to the Third Eye, the lens of our wisdom and source of creative enlightenment. Each fragrant drop is waking you up on all dimensions, enlivening your body’s inner wisdom, opening you to your own knowingness.

The energy of The Intuitive clears the path for your inner voice to be heard

With Palo Santo at its core, holding a very fine and high energy, The Intuitive is an inspiring guide to return your attention to your calm center, while calling forth your highest vibrancy, hearing your inner voice. This mist is the portal to explore yourself also in a spiritual way, unlashing inner knowing and centeredness, sparking intuition in that stillness that may arise. With each calming mist The Intuitive welcomes you to connect with the soul and the spirit living behind your skin. Discover an expanded version of self, aligned with the smooth flow of love, wisdom and knowing - in the tiniest ways.

I am the Light

Reviving, toning facial oil
the glow-getter

30 ml ~ 1.01 fl. oz.

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The Intuitive

Botanical facial mist

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

€ 70,83

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Collection Guidance & Intuition

2 pcs

I am the LIght, The Intuitive

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  • I am the Light
  • The Intuitive

The Ingredients of I am The Light which resonate with the Third Eye:

Pink Lotus

Enlightens body and soul, the most sublime of all essential oils, renowned for creating heightened energy in the body.

White Fir

White Fir has a very high, uplifting, joyous, sparkling energy, it brings about etherealness and lightness. All the while strengthening your spiritual forces, opening your Third Eye.


Cypriol, a herbaceous plant growing in moist riverbeds of India’s holy waters, holds a soft yet powerful connection to the Third Eye, which strengthens a subtle sense of guidance and intrinsic knowledge. This powerful healer influences physical, mental and emotional wellness, restoring wholeness and balance.


This inspiring flower symbolizes eternity and reincarnation, tuning you in to the wisdom of the universe.


A short meditation with the I am the Light face oil

Deepen your experience with this ceremony, even a couple of minutes of intentionality make a difference. You can start by softly humming the mantra “So-Hum“ in order to maintain a higher level of consciousness and energy! “So-Hum“ is an ancient vedic mantra that quiets the mind and expands awareness. Warm a drop between your palms, cupping them over hands and nose inhaling deeply several times. Then massage one drop onto your Third Eye counterclockwise. Find a comfortable position with your spine upright, continue to breath through your nose, hands resting on your thighs, fingertips of your thumbs and pointer finger touch, the other four fingers close to each other, palms facing upward, eyes closed. Concentrate gently and casually on the area between your eyebrows. Visualize and sense how this area is suffused with white light.

Breathwork with the I am the Light face oil

Warm a drop between your palms, cupping them over mouth and nose, inhaling deeply several times, connecting with the energy of the oil, awakening your intuitive powers. Also benefitting from the beautiful effects of conscious breathing and aromatherapy. Repeat as often as needed throughout the day.

Your intuition centered skincare ceremony: All the light you are emanating is feeding everyting around you. You are the light in this world.

This could be your daily spiritual practice of appreciating your Third Eye when applying the I am the Light face oil: After massaging the I am the Light onto your face, soaking wet with The Intuitive or wet after washing, concentrate gently on your brow chakra with eyes closed, breathing consciously through your nose - or massage your third eye counterclockwise, 7 times. This opens the space for your intuition to step forward and allows your inner guiding voice to be heard throughout the day.

Also feel welcomed to speak out loud or silently “ I am the light”. These words are a powerful manifestation of your radiant beauty and can make all the difference of how you start into your day.

The brow chakra / Third Eye is located one finger-width above the nasa mula / yintang (which sits between the eyebrows)

Your brow chakra can help balance out your skin

The brow chakra is strongly linked to the pineal and the pituitary gland, the master gland of the brain that produces special stimulating hormones that regulate and orchestrate the activity in the various endocrine glands throughout the body. This said the
I am the Light is a daily radiance potion that works best with delicate, congested, mature and oily/combination skin prone to fluctuations from hormonal cycles.

Enhance your yogic and meditation practice with the I am the light face oil

Before starting into your yoga or meditation practice, massage 1 drop of the oil on the third eye (one finger width above the point between your eyebrows) in a counter-clockwise motion, 7 times. Focus on the point in thought and feeling too. Additionally warm a drop between your palms, cupping them over hands and nose, inhaling deeply.

Decision making, made easier with the I am the Light face oil

Wouldn’t it be awesome that any time, when having to make major decisions, you could hear your inner voice guiding you? Sit down comfortably, yet hold your spine upright, hands resting on your thighs, palms upwards. Either warm a drop of the I am the Light face oil between your hands, cupping them over mouth and nose to inhale deeply or massage 1 drop of the oil on the Third Eye in a counter- clockwise motion, 7 times, while focusing on this point (which sits one finger-with above the nasa mula between your eyebrows) in thought and feeling. Always accompany this with conscious and deep breathing through your nose. Then pose your question to the universe - out loud or silently. Await the answer that may arise.


6th chakra / indigo-blue = brow chakra / Third Eye (between the eyebrows)

The Third Eye belongs to the spiritual realm. This is the wisest and most extraordinary part of our body. It enables us to tap into deeper knowledge and insight, into our power of imagination, wisdom and inner peace. The sixth chakra also belongs to the realm of light. It represents our power of vision from seeing to visualizing, from insight to premonition as well as clairvoyance.

The brow chakra as an acupressure point:

  • Enhances cerebral circulation
  • Facilitates optimal function of pituitary and pineal gland, regulates hormonal secretions
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves concentration, stimulates memory
  • Unfolds intuition and insight
  • Calms mind, balances emotions, relieves stress
  • Relieves intraocular pressure
  • Benefits eyes and nose

The ingredients of The Intuitive which bring forth knowingness

Hyssop Decumbens

A true master of enhancing intuition, the finest teacher for energy work. Hyssop Decumbens clears and purifies your subtle body to make you more susceptible to hearing your inner voice. Fosters seeing beyond the eye’s vision, hearing with clarity, opens up deep wisdom and knowing.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo has a very high and elevated frequency enhancing the connection to your inner voice. Also it calms mental chatter, allowing your inner knowing to be heard.


A plant for visionary experiences while being protecting and nurturing. The long wood-like stems of the Yarrow plant continue to be used as the most traditionally correct tool for casting the I Ching for prophecy in China.


Deepen your intuition with The Intuitive through breathwork

This incredibly beautiful piece has great depth in working with your skin, your soul and your spirit. It brings about a slower cadence, a softer stance, a happier place. Each fine droplet has the power to change your ways of being, melting away anxiety, stress and overthinking, while enhancing feelings of love and joy.

As a first step, The Intuitive, your Master of Ceremony, guides you into breathwork and energy clearing. Start by misting generously around your head, your body and into your aura. Take some deep breaths, while enjoying all the sensations The Intuitive offers. See how everything falls into place, feel the balancing effects on your rhythms. Take on the guidance. Rediscover yourself through steadiness and inner knowing. You feel lighter, softer, more centered.

Enhance your yoga and meditation practice with The Intuitive. And refresh yourself throughout.

Deeply calming and centering with a special talent in clearing and balancing energy, The Intuitive has a talent to turn every minute into a ceremonial pause. As a first step of your practice, The Intuitive, your Master of Ceremony, guides you into breathwork and energy clearing. Start by misting generously around your head, body, into your aura and take some deep, gentle breaths taking in all the sensations
The Intuitive offers. See and feel how everything falls into place, feel the balancing effects on your rhythms. Take on the guidance.

Also it is so good to open and close your practice with The Intuitive, aka Master of Ceremony.

Decision making, made easier with The Intuitive

No matter if it is a tiny decision or a major one, a business decision, a relationship decision or a health decision, you need to be in a place of calm and serenity, stepping out of the feelings of emotional overwhelm, anxiety or fear which so often come along with important decisions. Seeing life beyond the perception of your physical eyes can be so helpful during decision making. Mist The Intuitive around your head and close our eyes, inhale and exhale through the nose. Each fine droplet has the power to melt away anxiety, stress and overthinking, while enhancing feelings of love and joy – the best place to start from when making decisions.

The Intuitive has the power to boost your mood.

Equally captivating are its emotional benefits, Palo Santo can help combat depression and anxiety attacks as well feelings of being overhelmed.