Can you feel the love?

Feel your heart beating. That pulsing ripples out into the world around you.
Whom do you love and how deeply?
Are you loving fully and are you giving all your gifts? Choose that you live every moment as an offering of love. Because love is who you are. You are love.

Open up your heart will gift you sensations of coming home, of being absolutely loved, of being completely whole. You will feel a power surge of energy and a rich array of vibrations suddenly available to you. Your thoughts, words and actions will have the quality of depth, compassion and wisdom. The warmth and love of your heart, its latitude, its openness will be a constant source of inspiration to you.

Face oil Enchanted opens your heart like a lover’s sweet embrace.

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The tender heart of the Enchanted blend are sublime and beautifully vibrant plant essences from Jasmine, Champak, Rose, Lavender, Frangipani and Ylang-Ylang. They team up beautifully with heart inspiring Rosehip Oil and Pomegranate seed Oil to support and stabilize the Qi energy of the heart, opening you to love. All the while deeply resonating with the heart chakra, which is closely entwined with the tone, health and appearance of your skin.


Calming, replenishing facial oil
with a love spark

30 ml ~ 1.01 fl. oz.

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The ingredients of Enchanted which especially resonate with the heart:


Supports the Qi energy of the heart, calms the nerves and uplifts the mind, helps with anxiety and restlessness. Also inhances intuition.


Opens and centers, supportive effect on the heart, harmonizes the mind and calms the nervous system, imparts joy of life and deep relaxation.


Resonates with the energy in your heart, opens you to love.


Resonates with the energy in your heart and lets it flow, opens it up.

Wild Mountain Lavender

Harmonizes skin and soul, cleanses the aura and the chakras, stabilizing the Qi of the heart.

Rare, cold-pressed organic Chilean Rosehip Oil

A most precious oil with a beautiful golden-yellow tone. It has been said that this oil can have a highly rejuvenating effect due to its deeply regenerative and nourishing properties.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Pomegranate Seed Oil protects the heart and also resonates beautifully with the heart energetically. It is so good for maturing, dry, dehydrated, inflammed sundamaged conditions, also managing acne, eczema and psoriases beautifullly. Its precious ingredients support proliferation, repair mechanism and the regenerative process within cells. Also it holds a phytohormon which balances hormones for women and men alike and again has strong antioxidative potency, as well as flavonoids which protect, strengthen and nurture the cells.


The guide you have been longing to meet is here in your feeling heart. This is to a little meditation

Take a moment and warm a drop of Enchanted between the palms of your hands to have the scent flourish and soar and breathe deep. If needed also massage one drop in the middle of your chest. Ride the wave of this fine and elevated heart energy. That is your heart’s momentum to rise and shine.

Close your eyes and feel invited to breathe into your heart center, breathe into that space, listen to its steady, reassuring beat and cherish this gentle reminder that you are alive, expansive and present. In any moment you have the power to awaken the love within you. It is always there available to you. Breathe life into it with each golden drop of Enchanted. Feel how much you love your family, your friends, the earth. Tune deeply into that feeling. Now turn your attention to your skin and breathe into it, feel how deeply you love your body and how you wish for it to stay strong, healthy and vibrant.

Your heart centered skincare ceremony

Feel invited to warm some drops of Enchanted in the palms of your hands. In the knowing that the heart meridian runs through them - visualising this strongly - place the palms of your hands on your cheeks, letting the beautiful energy of your heart flow into your skin, amplified by Enchanted. Imagine each and every cell of your body being deeply loved and taken care of.

Another way to ignite the loving powers of your hands:

Feel welcomed to connect with the energy of Enchanted by warming a few drops of the oil blend in your hands, gently rubbing them against each other, activating their healing powers. Place both hands next to your body, palms facing upwards and consciously connect to this healing and loving energy now present in your hands.

Softly breathe in and out (through the nose) and visualize an emerald green heart chakra, which increases in radiance with each breath. Feel and see how the green light of your heart chakra radiates and flows from your heart through the arms - via the heart meridian - into your hands, filling them with love and healing powers.

Now your hands will gift loving kindness to whatever you touch.

Your heart chakra has a major influence on the tone, health and appearance of your skin

The heart chakra lies in the middle of the chest. It represents the first level of consciousness, which goes beyond the physical, emotional and intellectual, connecting with the spiritual. This emotional energy-center is where the issues surrounding love and nurturance most strongly affect us. The amount of life energy flowing through the heart center is influenced by the way we express love to others as well as to ourselves. The thymus gland, the master immunity regulator, is connected to the heart center as well as the hands with the heart meridian running through them. Also each chakra has an organ aligned with it and in the case of the heart chakra this is our largest organ, the beautiful skin we live in.