Holding you

The medicine of boundaries. The freedom of protection. We like to think that the best protection is your light, your magnificence, your miraculousness, which ripples out into the world around you and attracts likewise people and situations that do you good. This is where our Collection comes in. High vibes always atune you to the highest of possibilities. The good energy that you radiate when wearing one of our pieces is visible and it is contagious. This transforms the world around you and puts you in a safe place.

We see protection and boundaries rather as a value than a defense. Setting healthy boundaries and feeling held makes room for deep connection and intimacy that only blossom with high levels of trust and security. A boundaries practice and protection tools are a beautiful form of self-care, of self-love. Circle of Protection and The Intuitive are right by your side in this, beautiful soul.

Set healthy boundaries and cultivate safe spots with these two beauties

You are safe here to fall into a state of deep rest and nurturance. Attune to the energy of Circle of Protection and The Intuitive and feel instantly held, centered and safe. Nothing from the outer or inner worlds can interfere with your peace anymore when hugged by Circle of Protection and suffused by the energy of The Intuitive. Both hold aromatic bouquets that call upon cosmic protection and the light, warding off negativity. Resting in their peace and stillness you will feel your balance restored, your trust regained, your softness nurtured, your energy elevated. Find yourself there so strong and radiant.

The vibrancy of The Intuitive brings about a protected space

The vibrancy of this mist is awakening you to the magnificence of who you are, gifting you with fortitude, strength and resilience. With The Intuitive feeling strong and beautiful is always within your reach, as each drop will sustain you through difficult moments. All the while helping you to build fresh hope, trust and joy.

Circle of Protection holds you like no other

A silky marriage of Argan, Rosehip and Marula holds an aromatic bouquet that is like medicine to all who feel fragile. Vibrant with magnetic, floral tones each fragrant drop is reaching out to you, protecting your energy, pulling you to a safe shore. It is the sweetest guardian for skin, soul and spirit you have ever known. Its fine and elevated energy goes into resonance with balance, centering, harmony - drawing in high vibes, attracting cosmic protection.

The Intuitive

Botanical facial mist

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

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Circle of Protection

Shielding and centering body oil

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

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Collection Protection and Boundaries

2 pcs

Circle of protection, The Intuitive

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The ingredients of The Intuitive, known for their protective powers

Palo Santo

Palo Santo has a long story as a protecting sacred wood amongst healers, shamans and doctors in South America. This is an outstanding essential oil and hydrosol which has deep spiritual meaning, strong energy clearing and protecting forces. Its sacred character, its ability to purify and support heightened energy in the body, warding off negativity, elevating soul and spirit, deeply resonates with our high vibe focus.

Hyssop Decumbens

Strengthening the lungs and the defensive qi, consolidating the aura, Hyssop Decumbens can strengthen one’s sense of personal boundaries. Traditionally considered a herb of protection it is thought to defend you and your home from negative energy. Hyssop protects those that are easily affected by others’ moods and emotions and who quickly absorb any tension in their environment.


Has an ability to consolidate the auric field, evident physiologically through its ability to regulate the pores of the skin, our physical boundary.


The ability of Benzoin to calm, center and reassure also makes it so suitable for those who are in need of being held and safeguarded.


Breathwork with The Intuitive

You choose serenity and tranquility with each fine drop. Take one deep breath and release stress, restlessness and fear, celebrating a feeling of harmony and balance. The Intuitive brings you fully into your body, into the now. Each delicious breath opens up a protected space guiding you into steadiness, strength and comfort.

The Intuitive, your Master of Ceremony

The Intuitive is a most beautiful guide through your Max and Me ritual – opening and closing it, lifting it all the while to new heights, creating a light-filled, protected space to connect, to evolve, to rise and shine. Bringing about emotional tranquility and peacefulness, sparking intuition in the stillness that may arise.

Create a protected space with The Intuitive

Be welcomed to use The Intuitive as a room spray, enjoying the clearing energy, the protective quality, the peacefulness it spreads. Before meetings, mportant talks or during conferences marvel at the centered, tranquil mood it creates.

Protect your aura with The Intuitive

The Intuitive goes further than skincare with a deep effect on emotions, spirit and consciousness. It will hold you, brighten your outlook, ease the stress of transitional times, dispel blockages. Have one bottle always with you to mist around your body and onto your face, when needed.

Protect your sleep

Bringing about feelings of calm and well-being The Intuitive can promote deep, restful sleep. Use it as a pillow spray or mist around your head and onto your face before going to sleep.

Safe travels

The Intuitive creates a protective shield, dispels negative energies and infuses deep, deep hydration. So wherever you go, make sure to shower hotel rooms, sleeping pillows, even your place in the aircraft with this purifying, protecting, peaceful botanical mist, releasing any travel-induced stress.

The ingredients of Circle of Protection that guard and shield


In Vietnam the saying goes, that whenever you feel desperate, lonely or in need of urgent help, Litsea will call upon cosmic help and intuitively guide you through what you have to do. Energetically, Litsea can help to balance the nervous systems, counteracting stress by releasing fear, impending panic attacks, nervousness and insomnia - warding off negativity attracting positive vibes, welcoming the light into places needed.

Geranium Bourbon

Affords protection and deflects negative energy. Conveying a feeling of calm, strength and security, Geranium is beneficial for both chronic and acute anxiety, particularly where there is nervous exhaustion due to stress and overwork. A tonic of yin it has a consolidating, centering effect. Also Geranium Oil reconnects us to our feeling-life, to our emotional sensitivity, to fresh curiosity and to a healthy thirst for enjoyment.


Vetiver imbues us with the calm and reassuring strength of mother earth and her deep sense of belonging. When out of touch with your body call upon the power of  Vetiver which calms and restores, centers and reconnects and closes the gap between spirit and matter.


This highly protective ritual oil of the Maori, attracts positive energy, strengthening you.

Silver Fir

This uplifting and brightening essential oil heightens the vibrational level, imparts protection and light, helps you to feel lighter.


Eliminates fear of the dark and illuminates your inner self. Always shows you the silver lining on the horizon and guides you the light at the end of a tunnel.


Brightening, centering and uplifting Jasmine is one of the most effective oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness and depression – whether one has a hot, cold, excess or deficient nature.


Breathwork with Circle of Protection

Warm the golden oil blend between your palms, hold your hands over mouth and nose and breathe deep. Pulling your energy back from the outside world into yourself, into your body - with each breath you go deeper and deeper inside. Breathwork has the power to change anxiety, trauma and depression into clarity, steadiness and resilience, enhancing feelings of trust and joy. Breathwork with Circle of Protection moves you from fear, fragility and insecurity into feeling held, grounded and cocooned.

In moments of stress, do a full body massage with Circle of Protection

Listen to the soft hum of life in your body. Turn your attention to your skin, feel how deeply you love your body and how you wish for it to stay strong and joyful. Indulge in a whole body massage and see how this helps you overcome feelings of adversity. The magic and warmth of touch, the connection with the home that is your body holds much capacity for feeling safe and cradled and for turning uncomfortable emotions and feelings into groundedness and clarity.

Your regular, daily ritual protects you

Your skincare ceremony, practiced as a ritual each and every day holds space for conscious breathing, cultivating positive thoughts, deep nurturance and high energy. This sweet self-care will send reassuring impulses to your every cell, boosting your immune system, helping you to stay strong. And most of all it guides you into a place within yourself that is safe and calm and nurturing. A place you can always come back to whenever fear, overthinking or just discomfort wash over you.

The golden tunnel

Think of setting boundaries and calling upon protection while you envision yourself standing / or walking/ in a golden tunnel of light that is around your body (almost the color of body oil Circle of Protection), reaching up into the sky and down into comforting mother earth. Envision that as often as needed and also calling in other colors, like purple and white light to complement and enforce the effects.

An exercise for two

This is such a beautiful practice for two, where you can infuse the aura of a loved one with protecting vibes before they go out and about. Warm some drops of Circle of Protection between the palms of your hands and then stroke the aura of your beloved as the illustration shows, 360 degrees around the body: front, side, back, side, starting at a point above the head.