Partners. Handpicked.

We meticulously handpick our partners.

Our beautifully holistic, highly vibrant, eco-luxury, purely organic, luminous skin care collection wishes for aware and passionate partners who are ready to receive the holistic gifts of the „max and me“ compositions with their hearts open wide : beauty on all levels of being, high vibrancy, healing energy.

Whether you are seeking to incorporate „max and me“ as a beautifully holistic, luxurious, organic line into a current spa, shop, or hotel,
to embrace the „max and me“ energy into a healing place, or simply to see it as an opportunity to help spread the light out into the world,
we are more than happy to hear from you!

„max and me“ is a truly transformational line with its radiant, healing and nurturing virtues which will ask you to bring in your most beautiful potential as a loving, compassionate, inspirational spirit.
Affect the world in wondrous ways with our products!

love, Max und Tanja