flight to the sun

flight to the sun-duo

flight to the sun-duo
flight to the sun-tex

Flight to the Sun

Deep nurturance and joy for skin, soul & spirit

100 ml ~ 3.38 fl. oz.

€ 66.67

You feel like bathing in a warm, nourishing energy. This is a storehouse of light, radiating that life is glorious, feeding a nurturing relationship with your inner and outer world.

Like the sun encourages the flower to open up, each silky drop inspires you to rise and shine - feel the medicinal quality of this act. Magical Argan, finest Rosehip and silky Marula offer an abundance of concentrated nutrients and superantioxidants for your skin, while your spirit is replenished by a bouquet of elevated essential oils that lift you up.


  • Nurturing for skin and soul

  • Deeply regenerating 

  • Replenishing, gives loving, dedicated care 

  • Imparts dewy softness

  • Feels like bathing in a warm nourishing light

  • Decongesting (anti-cellulite)

  • Gives you inner strength

  • Aromatherapeutically nourishing and invigorating

  • Energetically uplifting, heightening

Aromatic bouquet

A warm floral bouquet that is spiced up with fresh, green and slightly sweet tones of the invigorating woods. Fresh, luscious, uplifting with Blue Fir, Silver Fir, Pine Spruce but also Magnolia, Neroli and Ylang-Ylang.
Initially rich, Flight to the Sun evolves into a woodsy clarity.

A fortifying blend which indulges you in dedicated, loving care and deep replenishment. Every time your skin, soul and spirit need a sincere brighten-me-up and a nourishing feed, you can reach into that rich resource of Flight to the Sun and feel instantly nurtured and strong.

Your skin will happily respond to the regenerative powers with a dewy, supple look. Your senses will be uplifted by the exquisite scent of rare, pampering, decongesting essential oils, blended with antioxidant Argan, omega-rich, moisturizing Marula and vitamin dense Chilean Rosehip.

The Ceremony

After you step out of the shower or the bath with warm dewy skin, pump a small pool of this oil in your palms, cup hands over mouth and nose and breathe in deeply to connect with its fine energy. Hold and pause for a moment in your day, visualizing warmth and joy – going deep into these emotions and then slowly glide your hands filled with precious, golden drops all over your damp skin - enjoying the silkiness, the softness, the sweet hydration. Massage upwards in gentle strokes from toes to head. Feel like bathing in a warm, nourishing light, sensing your inner strength. This will raise your spirits and elevate your love for life.

Smooth some drops through your hair or add a few to your bath to raise the vibration of your soaking water.
This can be used in an endless variety of delicious ways to deeply satisfy skin and spirit.


The energy of this blend opens the flow of your light and leaves you feeling uplifted and centered. Flight to the Sun is an alchemist of the highest order, making magic with golden drops of essential oils infused in silky nutrient-dense argan, Marula and finest Rosehip.

Turning you from depleted to joyous and invigorated. Follow the feel good sensations of each application and dive deep into the nurturance it offers. The energy of this blend together with carefully foraged high-vibe ingredients, gives tremendous replenishment, it sets off a ripple of blissfully vibrating cells within you.

Hand Picked

Hero Ingredients

The White, Blue and Silver Fir in this blend in all their nurturing, protecting clarity and freshness are sourced from high alpine peaks, bringing the purest botanicals of the mountains to you. They soaked up all the warmth and the joy of the sun, to store it for you.

Their vibrancy is so inspiring, it gives you a taste of the lightness of being. Additionally Argania Spinosa, this magical golden oil, another energy healer in this blend, holds the talent to infuse you with strength and nurturance. These ancient trees have learnt through millenia to tenaciously survive the calcareous soils of Morocco's semi-deserts and live for as long as 250 years. This tree is so good in instilling love of life, hope and joy.


Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil1, Sclerocarya Birrea Kernel (Marula) Oil2, Rosa Moschata (Rosehip) Seed Oil1, Abies Alba (White Fir) Leaf Oil1, Picea Pungens (Pine Spruce) 2, Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Flower Oil1, Cananga Odorata (Ylang-Ylang) Flower Oil1, Michelia Alba (Mangolia) Flower Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose Damask) Flower Oil1, Abies Alba (Silver Fir) Leaf Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate4, Citronellol4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4

1 certified organic cultivation 2 wild-crafted 3 organically grown wild crop 4 natural constituents of essential oils