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My Max and Me ritual kept me calm and grounded on the evening that I accepted the award for best actress at the Tribeca Film Festival.

- Haley Bennett

( @halolorraine) - Actress, singer & luminary - USA


My body literally hungers for the vibrancy of the Max and Me Collection and drinks it all in with such joy.  I love the fragrances, the textures, the energy.

- Fernanda de la Puente

Founder of the Yoga haven “Asana Groove”, meditation & Yoga teacher, creator of exquisite retreats


Fernanda de la Puente


I just wanted to email you and thank you for your products! My sister recently introduced me to Max and Me and I’m so grateful for it! I immediately bought The Intuitive, Mask&Wash, Circle of Protection, and Beauty Balm from Beauty Heroes after trying them once! I am hooked. My anxiety has been so high during this current climate, and I am medical laboratory scientist in a hospital so I am in the middle of it right now. I am also sober so anything I can find to help with breath control and meditation is greatly appreciated. We did your meditation this morning on the Beauty Heroes Instagram this morning and it was amazing! Thank you so much for what you do and for your products. They have become a lifesaver for me. I just wanted to thank you.

- Courtnei

The Intuitive is like the best thing that ever happened to me and I use it all day. Thank you for that.

- Elena Brower

Author of the bestselling books and card decks Art of Attention and Practice You, internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher, artist, mama, student and podcast host. Elena is a luminary and healer.


Thank you again so much. My sister is on the front line everyday in a local hospital here in Louisiana during this pandemic and I am so happy to have introduced her to your products. They have brought such a balance and calmness to her in just the first mask treatment. I have been using your products since 2018 and can’t imagine life without them. The high vibe brings such a balance to my life and I thank you and your family for that. Keep doing what you’re doing!! I’m telling everyone about it so hopefully you can continue getting product here to us in the USA! Used The Intuitive spray on my pillow last night and slept like a baby. Loving my Max and Me collection. Words cannot describe how beautiful and life changing your products are. Thank you again!

All in the flow,

- Melissa

My personal heroes are Mask&Wash and Rescue Balm, it stands behind the transformation of my skin from sensitive and dehydrated straight to unicorn in a few months.

- Mikina Dimunova

Visual concepts, brand identity, art direction @mikinadimunova / Slovakia


I may be biased, because Max and Tanja of Max and Me are friends of mine and I first discovered Circle of Protection in their hometown of Vienna, Austria, as I visited their very own manufactory and garden. #humblebrag alert! But seriously, even separating out my emotional connection to them, I just LOVE this body oil. It’s so unique, because it has all the quality and care that most brands put into facial oils, but it’s meant for your whole body. Like all of Max and Me products, you’re not just getting the surface benefits of top-notch, carefully selected ingredients that are good for your skin (though you are definitely getting those, in spades!) but you are also getting the high vibrations of the plants’ energetic properties.


These aren’t just any vibes; Circle of Protection is crafted to be a comforting embrace of energy, conveyed through the vibrations and aromatherapy of the product’s ingredients. It all works together synergistically to create a ritual that nourishes you, body, soul, and spirit. I was introduced to Circle of Protection during a time of stress and soul searching, and it helped me to feel supported and grounded. I keep returning to it again and again in times of uncertainty, and it always gives me the extra cradling embrace I need. It’s an unsung hero because Circle of Protection is like 35 products in one — it’s soothing, comforting, moisturizing, uplifting, therapeutic… you get the idea. So don’t hesitate… you seriously need this Circle in your life. Trust me.

- Kate Murphy


I just love The Intuitive.

- Jakub Gulyas

Visual artist, photography & videography @jakubgulyas


My youngest daughter is prone to sensitive skin. With the right food group, plenty of water and reliable skincare products, I've managed to keep the skin on most of her body clear, calm and smooth. However, her knees are in a class all by themselves. She loves the outdoors - dirt, grass, sand, biking, trampoline, scooter etc… She's always playing on her knees, discovering something new and delightful. Her poor knees. Thank you @maxandme_oils for sending me your Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm - instantly soothing, balancing, calming, targeting super-hard to treat conditions. And oh so deeply hydrating.
Powerfully regenerating immortelle, antibacterial manuka, balancing wild mountain lavender, inflammation taming sandalwood, regenerating neroli, toning ylang-ylang, soothing palmarose, calming patchouli and wonderfully moisturizing rose help to relieve inflamed, irritated, stressed-out, damaged, itchy, cracked active conditions and release heat quickly. Thereby boosting skin’s innate self-healing abilities and providing the optimum level of hydration. She loves the texture, smell and the way it makes her skin feel.

- Dr. Peggy Regis Robinson

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Co-founder of Cornerstone Healing New York / USA

I feel truly connected to nature through the Max and Me Collection. You have a place in my heart, skin and soul!

- Margarida Matias

Architect & interior designer, founder of @arkstudio a multi disciplinary platform for architecture, interior design, styling and photography

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