Dear Tanja, 

I also wanted to let you know that my skin has been LOVING the rescue balm. My little breakouts have disappeared, and the eczema on my face has seemed to disappear as well. It certainly is a miracle balm, and now I am going to tell all my friends about it! I wish it came in a bigger size for all over the body! 

kindly, Lin Chen,

Lin Chen (@pinkmoon.co) – strategic branding and marketing consultant

“Max and Me products have been a life saviour as I had two colds this autumn. I indulged Flight to the Sun body oil and both Enchanted and I am the Light facial oils. I cannot pick one face oil over the other, so I'm using both in my routine. The mask is most indulgent mask I've ever used, takes me to a magical place. Words can't describe how much I loved it! In fact, I have been savoring it for special occasions“

Laura Loukola (@laurantaina) - beauty blogger /Finland

“At the moment when I was gifted this balm, my skin was extremely stressed out and I was suffering from redness, little bumps and acne to the point where I didn’t know what to do. Tanja suggested me to cleanse with sweet serenity mask&wash and use rescue balm after that. Nothing else, just these 2 products. Before I had only used mask&wash as a mask as it is really precious to me and personally I think it’s too expensive to use as a daily cleanser. But I listened (for once ) and saw a huge improvement in my skin after only 2-3 days. I regret not having made a before and after picture because you would be blown away! So far, this is my favorite max&me treat and I dare even say it has grown to be my absolute favorite balm.”

Yasmine Digneffe (@mienelienable) - beauty blogger /Belgium

Tanja & max and me,

Thank you so much for allowing me to transform my skin and turn my skin care routine into a true skin care ritual.

Being a teenager, I have struggled with extremely sensitive, oily skin, acne for the past few years. After only a few weeks of using your vibrant and delightful products, my skin was completely transformed! Even better, the stress I usually have about my skin also started to disappear.

I’ve tried many products on my skin - from natural cleansers and tea tree oil - to trying to “fix” my skin with heavy chemical products. Nothing worked. My skin suffered and the anxiety and self-consciousness I had because of my skin only worsened.

I started my max and me routine by using Purity and Grace cleanser with the Cleansing Cloth, Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm and Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash as an exfoliant. Within a week, my acne had almost completely disappeared! I started wearing less makeup which allowed my skin to breath and be seen.

After two weeks, my skin had developed a natural glow. I have since become much more mindful and treat my skin much more gently. I learned how to forgive my skin and accept that there was really nothing that needed to be fixed. My skin care routine has become a ritual where I am able to treat my skin and my mind to de-stress and refresh. I use Max & Me every day and I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you. Thank you so much!

Jasmine N. / Canada

Tania - I can’t describe how much light and love you have brought into my life. You are truly a gift with all the beautiful products and your sweet sweet personality. Your magic oils and scents are all I use now and share with others every chance I get.
grateful beyond words

Erica Jago, Teacher, Designer, Author, Oahu/ Hawaii

After using Max and Me products for over two months, I am glad to report that every product I’ve tried from Max and Me has not only lived up to my expectations but surpassed them. It’s one of the most unique skincare brands I’ve tried: there is nothing else like it on the market. What I love about their products is that the scents and textures are so unique and decadent that they automatically inspire in me a desire to take care of myself. They take ‘self care’ rituals to a whole new level.

Max and Me’s products have a purity to them that is difficult to explain. The smells are so pure yet complex, and they uplift my mood and spirit as they improve the condition of my skin. Also, the textures of their products have an elegance that feels timeless, traditional and modern all at the same time.

Max and Me really is a line that you need to touch, feel and smell to fully experience it. I’ve tried a number of their products, and this cleansing oil is one of my favourites. Like all their products, Purity & Grace offers more than just skincare benefits. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to de-stress, and this cleansing oil with its intoxicating scent helps you relax and unwind after a busy day. Highly recommend.

Arjun (@justaskarjun) - eco-luxe beauty blogger /Australia

My skin is dry like Sahara, enchanted facial oil nourishes and moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue. It sinks in, not just lay on the top of the skin. I feel my skin has been especially glowing and good looking after adding this oil to my routine. The scent is just sublime, vibrant and the ingredients are top ...

Laura Loukola (@laurantaina) - beauty blogger /Finland

Can „happy skin" be a proper description? sweet serenity balm is my absolute favourite product lately: it is moisturizing (which is a rare effect with balms), comforting, protecting. it smells so intoxicating that i get almost drunk just from this scent. when paired with the enchanted the overall effect is a bit enhanced. @maxandme_oils is such a special line, I understand it better with time

Indeed Max and Me products are very special. And frankly speaking it took me some time to realise their beauty because they are sophisticated and a bit mysterious. Tanja and Max managed to create something unique. It is like a book that you want to re-read and while reading you discover its depth, meaning and secrets over and over again. Amazing.

Elena (@consumerista.ru) – beauty blogger /Russia

First and foremost, I have to give you a huge HUG and a BIG thank you for giving me that miracle in a jar when we visited you at the INDIE Show in LA. I started that night and have continued, night and day as part of my daily regime—using it on my face and my rosacea is almost gone!! It is truly a RESCUE Balm – it really is. I am a believer!! To think that it was here all this time at my work and I never tried it…I could kick myself. It is the best product hands down and a true miracle balm! Can’t thank you enough!

Paula Weiser-Vasquez – co-founder beautyhabit.com /USA

My heart is filled with so much gratitude! I am so excited to experience these oils and their energies. Thank you for your generosity and for creating such a magnificent line of products. I have waited a long time for a product line that "aligned" with my core values and everything I believe in and that is what you have created. You have brought a light to this world. I hope you and Max have an absolutely wonderful rest of your week and weekend! Endless love

Jennifer C./ USA

I simply love the oils from „max and me“! Being an author and massage therapist I use the oils prior to public performance and for my spiritual massages. Just recently I discovered the facial oils, they let me shine from inside out. I cannot recommend one single oil, because I have them all, love them all and use them intentionally, dependent on the situation. A big thank you from my heart to Tanja & Max for these fabulous products, they are a gift for all of us.

Sabine Raml, Author, youth-literature price/ Germany

My sister surprised me with your beautiful and charmingly scented oils and I am fully touched. I want to heartfully say thank you for this wonderful present. Like in the Advent season when opening little secrets behind the 24 windows of the Advent Calendar day by day, I feel the same when opening one of your bottles after my daily bath and dive into the spell of the magic in your products. What a joy! Thank you. I love your style, those wonderful designs on the bottles and jars, and your products, which represent this ethereal delicacy so clear, so straight but so delicate.

Julia, Vienna/ Austria

Dear Tanja, I already use two of your oil-blends. The first one, which I bought by myself is “I am the light”. When I smelled the scent, it touched me so much that I had to cry. I had the feeling of coming home. Today, a friend of mine surprised me with “higher energy”. I am so in love with your oils ...... I wanted to ask if it’s ok to use them during pregnancy and if I can apply them instead of a pregnancy oil? BR and thank you for your beautiful work.

Karin, Vienna/ Austria

What makes me so excited about your oils is more than just one detail. All from this: the beautiful packaging, the drawings, the lovely parcels with small, personal notes, the beautiful bottles/jars - speaks for: This is for you, that is genuine, loving and speaks the language of joy. When applying, e.g. the face oil "I am the light" I always feel as if a tender, vibrant tingling arising on my skin and then instantly a smile comes to my face. My skin loves the oil and drinks it in thirstily and readily.
Its smells so wonderful, my skin feels so soft and it lifts my own vibration.
Day by day I feel the touch of miraculous energies (the elves?). I have never before loved to perform a daily ritual so much. My favorite is the facial cleansing oil "Purity & Grace". If I apply the oil after long days either on business trips, in airplanes or meetings with many people, I feel very clearly that I am not only cleansed of the traces of the day, but it is as if I take an energetic shower and all stress falls from me. I am always touched and blissed out. Also the make-up is so easily removed by “Purity & Grace”. Oh, and "circle of protection" I no longer leave home without it; the scent, so earthy, sensual, beyond words. If I have a "sudden loss of energy" during the day, "higher energy" is my “first-aid” product and since my skin is very dry, the nourishing moment of the oils on my skin is always welcome. In a nutshell: I sincerely thank you for creating max and me.

Christa-Marie M., business consultant, Munich/ Germany

I have been accompanying my mother in the palliative phase for 10 months with these wonderful oils ... she cannot speak anymore, but her eyes are talking ... wonderful radiant grateful eyes, as if she saw the light.

All the best

Martina S., Austria

A wonderful site ...
 I love your products and am so filled with joy,
that there are people who create this kind of products …
everything falls into place, the products, illustrations, the texting - actually everything!!!
 I wish you good luck,
my heart opens up and I am so happy
every time, I applied one of your oils on my little daughter’s skin, she hugged me lovingly and said thank you in her way ...
 I was very impressed !
with all my love,

Cornelia B., Vienna/ Austria

From the very beginning, I was interested in the origin and development of “max & me” oils. By now I have tried almost all oil-blends sufficiently and found my favorite. I am fascinated by Tanja’s and Max knowledge about the healing powers of nature. 
Every day, I feel such deep and profound joy accompanying the balancing and obviously flattering effect of these magic oils. The application on my skin is a gift for each of my cells, and this is especially true with the facial oils! 
Even my children, who do not want anything applied on the face, hold their cheeks and noses when I apply drops of max and me facial oils to shelter from the cold or heat!
 In dedicated love!

Magdalena L., Vienna/ Austria

I've been continuing to use and LOVE the Circle of Protection body oil, as well as the sweet serenity balm. I find it so soothing/calming/healing. I think there is such a profound "lightness" to your products - the word I keep wanting to affix to them is "crystalline" - I don't even know if that makes sense, but I've been doing so much reading/learning lately around the "carbon-crystalline" transition, so to speak - and I feel your products just represent the leading edge of this new energy experience. The body oil in particular I have found so transformative in this way. I have incorporated the Purity + Grace oil cleanser and Serenity Mask + Wash into my routine and I LOVE them - all I can say is wow!! I used them together the other night as a double cleanse and it was a fabulous experience. I can't wait to share

Mercedes(@lamouretlamusique) blogger & youtuber „l’amour et la musique“/ USA

I broke my left hand and had a surgery. The scar was healed within 8 days. The doctors have asked me what I have done for it.
I massaged the max and me “I am the light” facial oil 2 to 3 times a day on the scar – and I felt no itching and the healing effect was immediately showing. 
With best regards from Carinthia

Hildegard S., Klagenfurt/ Austria

Hello dear Max and me - Team,

During her vacation, my boss stayed in the Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof to enjoy the Ayurveda treatments.
We work in a small doctor's office (psychotherapy – homeopathy, general medicine). She brought a fantastic and beautiful “max and me“ oil to our office. (circle of protection) which I fell instantly in love with. It enchanted me totally ....
 As a beautiful side effect, my very dry, cracked hands turned into amazing beautifully hydrated, cultivated hands !!! I am curious to learn more about your brand! Kind regards

Kerstin M./ Germany