Hello Beautiful. We are so pleased you found your way here: a safe harbor that houses all of our skincare ceremonies. Within this space, we encourage you to use these rituals as a map, a navigational tool for your high vibe journey ahead. Allow these welcoming words to be a guiding compass as you seek the ceremony that resonates most with you.

Each of our rituals was crafted with a deep understanding of a specific skin type or condition; they’ve been thoughtfully fine-tuned to lend your skin a gentle and nurturing hand. We believe that the wellbeing of ‘You’ stretches further than the physical, so these ceremonies present the opportunity for reflection and alignment. Within each ceremony we explore a deeper connection with the soul and the spirit behind the skin, a rekindling of energy to empower your unique vibrational signature. No matter the starting point on this journey, step into your personal evolution to gradually unlock a state of flow and serenity previously unknown.

One note before diving in: you’ll notice us affectionately referring to ‘Unicorn skin’ throughout this space. Unicorns embody the magic of beauty; they are also symbolic of vitality, grace and radiance. At Max and Me, we think of a ‘Unicorn’ as a person who has found joy and confidence in their own skin. Someone who has ventured on a high vibe journey and whose radiance emanates from deep within.

As you find your ceremony, remember this: We see you in your miraculousness, in all your beauty. You are a gift to the world. The greatest honor for us is your permission to let us help you strengthen your wellbeing so you can, in turn, share your gifts with the world. We are here for you.

With High Vibes,