Masterclass Collection

Masterclass Collection

Masterclass Collection

Masterclass Collection

The complete facial line & 1 body oil - simply the cutest minis ever

10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. body oil Circle of Protection
10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. facial oil cleanser Purity&Grace
10 ml / 0,34 fl.oz. botanical facial mist The Intuitive
15ml / 0,51 fl.oz. Ceremonial Bath Mask You are The Medicine
5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Mask&Wash
5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Rescue Balm
5ml / 0,017 fl.oz. Beauty Balm
2ml / 0,07 fl.oz. face oil I am the light
2ml / 0,07 fl.oz. face oil Enchanted

1 pcs

€ 50.00

With the purchase of this Masterclass Collection you are automatically enrolled in the complimentary online Max and Me Masterclass on Chinese Face Reading with Tâmara Castelo


  • The Masterclass Collection is beautiful, bountiful and cute

  • It offers you the complete facial line and bestseller Circle of Protection for the body to explore

  • The joy of discovery, the bliss of having your own intimate experience with each piece of the Collection is yours

  • In service to you this Masterclass Collection is being made available to you at a special price offer

  • While Masterclasses are complimentary, they will be guided specifically using the Max and Me Masterclass Collection. We highly recommend securing your Masterclass Collection to receive the full high-vibe experience of this offering

Aromatic bouquet

It is pure sensorial pleasure to get yourself immersed in the olfactory sensation of each piece of the Collection. Revel in these incredibly healing-ly high-vibe scents. A world of perfumery, aromatherapy and energy work unfolds with each inhale and exhale.

The Intuitive >>

A rare botanical facial mist
A true Master of Ceremony.
Beautifully calming. Incredibly clearing and balancing.
Doubles as an energy worker.

The first and last step in your delicious ritual, we call this botanical facial mist lovingly: Master of Ceremony. Marvel at how The intuitive creates more and more beauty in your life by releasing tension and stress, bringing about a peaceful, tranquil mood, elevating your vibrancy to new heights. This opens the space for your intuition to step forward and allows your inner guiding voice to be heard. The Intuitive amplifies the brilliance in each piece of the Max and Me Collection. It’ s the hydration ribbon that ties all the pieces of our high-vibe line together, ensuring that oils, butters and nutrients are all delicately delivered to the skin. The Intuitive holds an unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled, inflamed or sunburned complexions also dry, sensitive and finicky, conditions will be delighted by its soothing powers.
Aroma Notes
A warm, woody spiciness, mingles with tangy notes of sweet freshness, cut with an uplifting cheerfulness, altogether bringing about a sacred space, a healing aura.

Purity & Grace >>

Transforming facial Cleansing Oil
The Release

Frees from it all. With an energy clearing bonus.

Purity & Grace is an inclusive daily cleanse, designed to let you step into your skincare ritual with awareness and ease. Effortlessly lifting away the day’s pollutants, make-up and debris to leave you supple and smooth while balancing and releasing congestion. With mighty Tamanu, sweet Neroli, crisp Juniper Berry, rich Atlas Cedar and pristine Hyssop, this silky elixir reduces and prevents breakouts, clears dullness, boosts microcirculation and helps to uplift appearance with combined ingredient power of moisturizers, antioxidants and Seabuckthorn as a radiation protector. Beyond the eye’s vision, Purity & Grace clears the energy and acts as a counter to the buildup of electromagnetic toxins that can affect the body’s circadian rhythms. Take one deep breath of the aromatic bouquet when you need a reset and yours is a clarity that opens your world for fresh curiosity and new ideas.

Aroma Notes
Spicy, with delicious and satisfying flavors. Then purity cutting through, very clearly.
With an afterglow of floral sweetness.

Sweet Serenity
Mask & Wash >>

Transformative Raw Manuka Honey Hug/ Mask & Cleanser.
The Master Healer.
Deeply calming, intensely hydrating, incredibly brightening.

Let your skin be embraced by one of the most potent, enzymatic rich, bioactive honeys in the world. This Raw Manuka-hug is coupled with a rare blend of comforting butters, exotic powders, soothing oils and the signature Sweet Serenity high-vibe bouquet, all swirled into an abundant, lush mousse. Dive into its delicate healing symphony to tame inflammation, deliver deeply calming hydration whilst restoring and brightening the complexion. Mask & Wash specializes in stressed, traumatized and dehydrated skin, also helps to boost collagen and manages sun damage. This honeyed skin dessert with its chocolaty flair is ready to reveal your most radiant, vibrant complexion ever.

Aroma Notes
A spicy, chocolaty, grounding base cut with sweet herbaceous honey.
Ethereal fruity and flowery whispers.
Fresh and clarifying uplifting tones.

You are the Medicine >>
Ceremonial Face, Body & Bath Mask

A magical face & body mask and a fragrant bath powder in one. Released in intentional, handmade microbatches. Deeply calming, intensely hydrating, incredibly brightening.

Your are The Medicine holds the energy of self-healing and stabilizing in a deep, deep sense. Reaching into your biochemistry with its regulating effects, fostering connection throughout, supporting communication within. Creating a gentle clarity that propels your body into its innate power, into the blueprint of the cells, the wisdom of the heart, the inherent knowing, tapping into your infinite unbound consciousness.

Aroma Notes
Enveloping you in a feeling of belonging, of sensuality. An irresistible, intoxicating silage. A sweet and rich masterpiece, evoking softness and warmth. An olfactory magnetic field. Voluptuous yet elegant and gourmand.

Sweet Serenity
Rescue Balm >>

A deeply calming, vanilla-hued whip.

This marshmallow-y whip tenderly envelops all skin but holds a special place for the most sensitive, inflamed, reactive and traumatized conditions. This golden blend of butters and oils instantly imparts a sense of calming relief, serenity and balance as a counter to stress. It’s a gentle hydrator that releases heat and redness, along with inflammation from conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, sunburn, recovery from surgery, cuts, scrapes and bruises. This potent salve is also a spirit whisperer that helps to ground you and return your focus of energy to your own will.

Aroma Notes
Tender softness with a subtle, elegant herbaceous song. Deeply calming and centering with a remembrance of purity.

Sweet Serenity
Beauty Balm >>

A deeply sensorial, fortifying moisturizer.
The Nourisher.
Fortifying, rejuvenating and elevating.

A luscious buttery balm that melts onto the skin with first touch to activate a golden-hued cocoon that tenderly cossets. Whilst replenishing dehydrated and depleted conditions, Beauty Balm pampers and uplifts with its stunning wild-flower aroma to bring the skin back into balance all the while boosting collagen naturally. A collection of global ingredients at its core, the signature “Sweet Serenity” blend brings powerful yet delicate botanicals to your skin, suffusing you with high vibrations, lovingly helping to nurture and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Aroma Notes
Fresh with a tangy sweetness. Lush with clarifying herbaceous tones. Strengthening with a purity that ripples through it all.

I am the Light >>

Awakening Face Oil
The Luminary.
A nectar of glow. Radiance in a bottle. Activates the
Wisdom of the Third Eye.

Featherlight and brimming with vibrancy, I am the Light is a daily radiance potion that works best with all skin types in need of glowing. Talented high-vibe ingredients such as Neroli, Jasmin and Rose help to add radiance, invigorate and tone by releasing dullness and congestion, magnificently easing the traces of time. This radiant potion helps your every cell to be more supportive, lighter, brighter, happier, more resilient.You glow! Energetically, this serum is formulated with White fir, Pink Lotus, Frangipani and Cypriol to stimulate a connection to the third eye, the lens of our wisdom and source of creative enlightenment.

Aroma Notes
An exotic heart of Pink Lotus, Frangpani and Jasmin opens up to the freshness of Cypriol and White Fir. Relish in this dance, it will light you up.

Enchanted >>

Calming, Replenishing Facial Oil.
Cradling, Cocooning, Nourishing. With an incredible love spark.

Multi awarded Enchanted is a calming, regenerating oil which is so good in soothing sensitive, irritated skin, repairing maturing skin and nourishing all skin types with its incredible benefits. It is like a comforting embrace, cocooning you, celebrating love and warmth. Energetically it resonates with the heart chakra which in turn is closely entwined with the beauty, the health and the appearance of the skin.

Aroma Notes
A floral abundance of Jasmine, Frangipani and Champaca - coming through in a very gentle waygrounded by a rich Sandalwood, lead by an elegant rose and a flavorful Lavender that nurture softness heightened by Ylang-Ylang, prolonging the pleasure indefinitely

Circle of Protection >>

a body oil blend of the finest
The Guardian.
Shielding. Centering. A protecting energy for the body and the spirit.

The Guardian.

Tender loving care in a bottle, this sensorial beauty delivers protective antioxidants, nutrients to strengthen and delicious hydration to restore. Works wonders for all in need of some extra protection and loving rescue. A guardian of skin, soul and spirit, this golden-hued body oil blend, protects you from environmental stressors, digital pollution and the elements. On an energetic level every application is a dive into light energy, shielding and strengthening the subtle body. Cocooning you, cradling you. With a regular ritual, Circle of Protection helps harmonize our inner and outer worlds, bringing a sense of balance and peace.

Aroma Notes
An abundant, luminous floral beauty bouquet held delicately in waves of a lemony, translucent freshness. Discover a grounding sweetness, anchored by a comforting steadiness. Magnetic!

The Ceremony

Tanja, co-founder of Max and Me will be in to offer this Masterclass Ceremony together with Chinese doctor Tâmara Castelo, revealing the beauty within their otherworldly product line, a fusion of energy healing and wildly luxurious skincare. Tanja will walk you through a holistic ritual, varying with seasons and with focus. She will showcase how, by working with high vibe treats, you can transform the way your skin looks like and change your whole world, too. It is all about the same - finding exquisite harmony, shifting that flow of energy, expanding into luminosity, feeling levity, sweet serenity. Being so fulfilled that you can pass it on from here - to your family, your circle of friends, your universe!


This inspiring, interactive, vibrant Masterclass will amplify your light and brighten your energy while bringing radiance to your skin, Expect guidance, ceremony, tools and rituals to raise your vibrations, open your interior spaces and draw abundant strength from your core.