So much love for this one.
Now also from a highly curated jury in London.

The Intuitive - best Mist 2023


Dive into this mystical mist and embrace the relief that comes with energy clearing and balancing. Rediscover yourself through steadiness and inner knowing. You feel lighter, softer, more centered. This incredibly beautiful piece has a great depth in working with skin, soul & spirit.

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A slower cadence, a softer stance, a happier place. With its focus on energy clearing each fine droplet has the power to change your ways of being, melting away stress and overthinking, enhancing feelings of love and deep wellbeing. All the while The Intuitive holds an unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled, inflamed complexions. Also dry, sensitive and finicky conditions will be delighted by its soothing powers.

With Palo Santo at its core, holding a very high and fine energy, elevating soul and spirit, The Intuitive is an inspiring guide to return your attention to your calm center, while calling forth your highest vibrancy, hearing your inner voice. As such The Intuitive beautifully supports you in your yogic and meditation practice as well as in public appearances and important meetings.

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The Intuitive is like the best thing that ever happened to me and I use it all day. Thank you for that.

- Elena Brower

Author of the bestselling books and card decks Art of Attention and Practice You, internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher, artist, mama, student and podcast host. Elena is a luminary and healer.