The physical and the subtle body entwined in harmony. True beauty radiates from within and dances happily on the skin.

Indulge in most exquisite treatment rituals that joyously encompass energetic work. Feel and sense the beautiful connection between „max and me“ oil-blends, skin and the subtle body. It is a deeply touching, enchanted, blissful experience! Each and every drop of the max and me concoctions tenderly embraces skin and soul and gifts you with a feeling of love, connectedness and coming home.

At the heart of the “max and me“ treatments lies the belief that true beauty can only shine when you nurture, balance and refine both the physical and the subtle body, which are closely interconnected. All this is delivered with a loving consciousness and the firm intention to impart beauty on all levels of being. This is apparent in beautifully holistic treatments using high levels of energy.

The wonderful effects of the „max and me“ treatments on body, mind and soul can be felt during the experience, as well as long after.

signature body treatment
(approx. duration 70 minutes)

Integrated in a heavenly treatment, that deeply connects you with the highly vibrant energy of the „max and me“ oil-blends and their wonderful talents, you will experience a journey to the wisdom of your soul.

Enjoy a harmonious combination of delightful massages (eliminating toxins, stimulating circulation and muscle/skin tone) sublime energy techniques (re-establishing energy where it is needed /channelling life energy throughout the body, meridian work, chakra work, aura work), vibrational work (gently connects with your subtle energy to elevate you to a higher level of vibrancy), beauty rituals and sound. Disharmonies will be balanced, blockages dissolved - graceful beauty will shine throughout body, mind and soul.

Feel deeply nurtured and loved and flow through life effortlessly with supreme grace after indulging in our heavenly treatment! With glowing, dewy, radiant skin.

facial treatment
(90 / 120 minutes)

This facial treatment is an inspiring journey of unparalleled beauty which connects you deeply with the special energy and the gorgeousness of „max and me’s“ facial collection, as well as with the 6th Chakra, the seat of our wisdom, our intuition.

Indulge in a radiant holistic facial, which is an exquisite composition of massages, acupressure-techniques and vibrational work and which shows a deep resonance with the Third Eye. All this awakens radiant beauty on all levels of being and give skin that lit from within, glowing look and feel.

We start with a deep cleansing ritual on a physical and subtle level, detoxifying body and soul, dissolving blockages and activating the circulation of fluids and of the Qi. This incorporates beautiful „wave like“ facial massage movements ( tissue, muscles) and also rhythmic head massages.
We also work with the center of light - the sixth Chakra (our third eye) - address acupressure points throughout the face, the neck and the head and finish off with meridian massages and facial massage strokes which allow your skin tone and your circulation to improve.
This is reinforced by the regenerative, balancing, calming, antioxidant, hydrating, healing and illuminating properties of the „max and me“ facial collection.

hand massage “healing hands”
(25 - 35 minutes)

Each finger represents a chakra, an element, the end or starting point of a meridian, an emotion…

So in a sense our relationship with the entire universe is represented in our fingers and hands. Via our hands we can activate, recharge and redirect the subtle energy of our entire body, which has an effect on every cell, on every organ of the body and the skin is our largest organ…
This hand massage harnesses the healing vibrations of the „max and me“ oil blends to work on the energy centers of the hands, addresses any imbalances in the body, dissolves blockages and encourages the free flow of the Qi. In this beautiful illuminating treatment hand and body chakras are activated, balanced and strengthened. Hand reflex zones and important meridian points of the hands are stimulated. In addition acupressure points are being held. These are moments of sheer bliss, which will flow through your body, lifting your energy and giving you vibrant feelings of coming home to yourself.