blissful relief. amazing calmness. exquisite harmony.
oh - and that glow!


Feed your radiance.
turn on the inner light.


Heighten your vibrancy:
watch your skin and your life truly transform.

the love story

cherry picked

the intuitive

Flowers rain petal soft on your skin. Dive into gentle, incredibly healing waters. Delight yourself with deeply satisfying hydration.

circle of protection

This guardian of skin, soul and spirit protects from environmental and digital pollution. Also shields your subtle body beautifully. You feel safe. You feel strong. You feel centered.


Your skin will just drink in the glow-getting goodness, the intense hydration, the deep calm, the delicious nutrition, the superantioxidants.

rescue balm

A deep calm, a sigh of relief, sweet solace. This skin saviour and soul whisperer is your best friend in times of trouble.

highly vibrant

Hand-crafted in fresh micro batches in Vienna with utmost care, this wildly luxurious collection of high-vibe treats is the fusion of skincare and energy work.
Max and Tanja render homage to the highest frequencies of the plant world and bring them to you in their beautiful bottles to delight skin, soul and spirit. The exquisite harmony of each treat infuses you with light and love, regulation and balance, allowing the re-alignment of cells and tissues, improving overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin.


Taking skincare and aromatheraphy to the next level with highly vibrant ingredients also means that Max and Tanja meticulously search the world all year round for plant materials that have such a high and pure vibration that it takes their breath away and makes their hearts sing. Journeying is an integral part of their brand. Nothing compares to climbing Corsican mountains until reaching the best immortelle softly dancing in the breeze or standing next to distillers watching with them how miracles unfold.